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And Then I Met Jody I'd had to take some time off work to recuperate. I began taking walks in the park next door, enjoying just standing on the walking bridge and watching the water flow by.

On one particular day a young mother with small children was standing in my place. We exchanged greetings and agreed that both the day and the park were soothing to the soul, and so we continued on our way.

But we must have been destined to meet again, for as we went our different ways around the park we met again on the same bridge. This is more than coincidence I thought, as I praised the good behaviour of her children and asked if she read to them every day. “I would like to,” she replied, “but it's hard to find good books.”

Taking out a brochure I conveniently had in my pocket, I asked if she would like to see some of our books. She said she certainly would and gave me her address. I called on her the next day. “What lovely books,” she said. “I'll buy some when I've saved enough money.”

It was only three weeks later that I had an early morning visitor. It was Jody with a cheque for her books. “Could I have The Bible Friends series now?” she asked. “And I'll get some more when I've saved some more money.”

Jody and her husband have now bought a kiwifruit orchard, but have left me their phone number. - Harold Dassler, New Zealand

Important reading: To find why the Bible calls the Papal Church Babylon, please read the origin of Babylon and the Sunday Sabbath, paganism and Christianity and then how the Sabbath was changed to Sunday, so it will then be very clear how and why Satan did this. What is the number 666 has almost lost information explaining how 666 originally came from Babylon and why it is now applied to a man in the Papal Church. The secret rapture and the seven year tribulation is a huge and fast spreading deception from the real truth on the second coming of Christ Jesus. [dark]